For You, Lord, For You


Documentary / HD, Super 8 / 92’/ 2017  FRANCE, INDIA



Standing in the middle of the desert, Panchwa’s solemn temple is reminiscent of a lost raft drifting at sea. Once a year it is accosted by crowds of Rajasthan’s Kalbeliya gypsies. They travel here to celebrate their hero, the King of Panchwa, buried at this location.

An emblematic figure of their style of living, he will incarnate himself within their bodies over the course of nine days, to cure or reward them, to punish them or to chase away ghosts. FOR YOU, LORD, FOR YOU is an immersion into the heart of this event, a festival fueled with blood, flesh and flames.


FOR YOU, LORD, FOR YOU is the translation of Lelo, Babji, lelo, from the Kalbeliya’s dialect.

This invocation is repeated over and over by the disciples of the Panchwa King, directly asking him to take a goat, and thereby give his permission to start the sacrifice. The moment the animal trembles, a shiver travelling the length of its body, is interpreted as a sign that the Lord has answered and accepted the offering. This manifestation of the Lord’s coming finds its equivalent in possessions of human bodies, which begin to shake and shiver in the same way.

By standing as close as possible to bodies, songs, blood and fire, we want to penetrate this carnal perspective on the world, where myth and reality constantly intertwine.

Festivals selections & awards

Cinéma du Réel 2017 / Rencontres Cinématographiques de Béjaïa 2017 / Festival du Nouveau Cinéma 2017


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a film by gaspard kuentz & cédric dupire production studio shaiprod, tv tours, studio orlando, lom nath panwar produced by jérôme aglibert image cédric dupire sound recording gaspard kuentz editing charlotte tourrès sound editing & design jaike stambach sound mixing matthieu deniau grading pierre sudre poster arnaud dufour